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Project proposals

During the course, student teams implement a software product, or add new features to an existing application. The team size is typically 6 or 7 team members. Depending on the project, the team can dedicate around 800 to 900 hours to complete it. It is required that the customer collaborates with the team during the project and participates in all important meetings (Project plan review, sprint reviews, final meeting).

The projects starts twice every year (end of August, beginning of January).

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Schedule for project proposals (Autumn 2024 course)

  • 19.08.2024 deadline for project proposals. Send the proposal in .pdf format to Tero Ahtee (tero.ahtee at and Timo Poranen (timo.poranen at
  • XX.08.2024 Project proposals are published in course’s Moodle forum (only students can see the proposals) and students select their projects. Project names are listed on Current projects page.
  • 29.08.2024 (Thursday), starting at 14.15, customers can shortly present (max. 5 min) their project topics and students can ask questions (orally or in chat).
    • Zoom link: Link will be given later (waiting room is in use).
    • Presentation order is the same as projects are listed on Current projects page (see section 2024 Autumn proposed projects).
    • Presentations are voluntary for customers, so your presentation slot just will be skipped if there is no presentation. Also, minor changes to the presentation order are possible, and if needed, in the end there is some extra time available.
    • The course is supposed to have over 200 students.
  • Interested project groups contact customer and ask more about the project. Customers are encouraged to answer quickly group’s questions.
  • If more that one group contacts customer, the customer can decide whether to take one or more groups for the same topic. However, the customer can select only one group for the topic.
  • Latest by 09.09.2024 groups are formed and projects start. The groups contact customers.