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Project tools

This page lists some recommended tools for software development projects. It is not compulsory to use the tools mentioned here, teams can freely decide what tools they use. Also, inform lecturer if you like to add a tool to the list.

Check also guidelines for tool training.

Virtual server

Version control and version control tools


  • Balsamic closes 1.12.2020. Balsamiq is a graphical mockup builder application. The tool can be used in student projects during the project time. To get a project account, send an email to Timo Poranen (timo.poranen at with the following details: project name and list of emails separated by a comma, like:,,…
  • Invisionapp is a protopyping and mockup tool. Ask licence from lecturer.
  • Axure RP – Interactive wireframe software and mockup tool.
  • Pixate – Tool to create interactive prototypes for mobile user interfaces.


Project Management

Integrated development environments (IDEs)