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Compulsory deliverables

Supporting documents

Teams decide how they design software architecture, user interface and testing, and how they manage and document requirements.

Weekly reports

Project managers writes the weekly reports on Sunday or on Monday for the previous week using Metrics Monitoring Tool. Check also Metrics Monitoring Tool’s FAQ on weekly reporting.

Delivery package / project CD

Update: Instead of a project CD, it is ok to deliver a zip-file (or give a link to version control repository) that contains all project material. It is not anymore necessary to deliver a physical media. Details can be agreed in the project plan.

The project CD / DVD / Blu-ray / Memory stick should contain a README.txt file that lists the content of the CD and the locations of the files. Your project CD should contain all your documents and code.

If the project’s documentation is in a wiki or in a version control repository, it is ok to burn the whole wiki to the CD. You should make sure that the links in the wiki are self-explanatory, easy to follow and understand.

There should be at least the following documents:

  • README.txt
  • Project plan
  • Requirements specification (or the corresponding product backlog, use cases and other documents related to requirements management)
  • Test plan
  • Design documentation, database diagrams
  • Test report
  • Final report
  • Project poster
  • Code
  • Inspection / Review reports

And possibly

  • Project’s usability plan
  • UI specification
  • Heuristic evaluation reports
  • Usability test reports
  • User guide
  • Online help
  • Installation guidelines
  • Configuration files, makefile
  • Maintenance document
  • etc.