Data mining (TIETS11)

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NEW (at 17.45, 31st March) !  Since the examinations had to be cancelled, you can now substitute such by writing an essay from one of the given topics. These and precise instructions are given here:


The essay has to be sent no later than on the 30th April to Martti Juhola.


Several data mining methods are presented, as well as their use.


  • Advanced study course, 5 ECTS
  • 12 lectures (24 h), Martti Juhola
  • 5 weekly exercises (10 h), Jyrki Rasku
  • Additional scores: when one makes more of all weekly exercises than 30%, additional scores [0,5] are given as follows: ≥30% 0, ≥41% 1, ≥52% 2, ≥63% 3, ≥74% 4, ≥85% 5
  • To pass the course: (1) at least 30% of weekly exercises have to be made and (2) the examination with scores of 12 or more from [0,30]


On Tuesdays at 10-12, on the 14th January venue Pinni B1097, the 21st January Pinni B1097 and from the 28th January to the 18th February, venue Main Building A3

On Wednesdays at 10-12 from the 15th January to the 29th January venue Main Building A3, on the 5th February Pinni B3116, and on the 12th February and the 19th February Main Building A3

Matlab is used for exercises.

To load Matlab you first need an activation code and obtaining this may take time. (You also need a TAU account.) To be done via the following link, if no more current, search for from IT services of TAU:

Weekly Exercises

On Thursdays from the 23rd January to the 20th February:

at 8-10 venue Main Building D11


Cancelled, see the substitution instructions above.