Innovation Project (LUOYA200)

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Innovation project (new course code TIETA20, old code LUOYA200) is an intermediate course for all former LUO students currently studying in the new ITC faculty. In addition to TIETA20, there are also other course codes used at the moment in the faculty.


    • Check application time for period IV projects  (-13.3.2020) and  available projects from Demola’s website.
      • Select: Choose the location: Finland, Tampere.
    • About registration: There is no need to do anything else than to apply for projects on Demola’s website.


In the course students work in a multidisciplinary and multi-cultural project team to produce a concept design and demo. Working language of the project is English. Project topics vary, but they are often related to new technology and services. The projects are organised by Demola. Companies and other organisations can propose project topics directly to Demola.

There are four project rounds in the academic year.

See the official curricula guide for course contents, learning outcomes and required preceding studies.

Innovation Project (TIETA20) can be studied instead of Project Work (TIEA4) in Degree Programme in Computer Sciences as a compulsory course. If TIETA20 project is too small, some additional work might be required after the project.


For period III projects, create a Demola profile and apply for projects latest by 18.1.2020 (check Demola’s website for possible changes). NettiOpsu is not used for enrollments, it is enough to apply for projects on Demola’s website.

For period IV projects, create a Demola profile and apply for projects latest by 7.3.2020 (check Demola’s website for possible changes).

Notice that students are assigned to projects based on the project applications and project needs, so take account that it is possible that there is no suitable project for you this time. In case you are not selected, you can apply for new projects in forthcoming teaching periods.

Teaching and requirements

To pass the course, student need to participate actively about 100…125 hours (5 ects) in project activities and events. More credits will be given if amount of work exceeds 125 hours.

Most of the project events are organised by Demola and agreed in the beginning of the project, but there can be some course participant meetings at Central campus.

Then it is compulsory to:

  • Write together with your team a final report. Please note that all team members must report their working hours in the report.

In addition to that, it is possible that there are some meetings with teacher responsible. If a meeting is organised, teacher will inform you about this.