Introduction to Web Publishing (ITIY3-EN)

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ITIY3 Introduction to Web Publishing – 5 ECTS

NOTE! As of 2019 period 4 the course is no longer held!

The ITIY3 course is a basic course. You are not required to have previous web publishing experience. We are working with simple tools to edit text documents to create web pages, online tools to edit images and try the tools to create a WordPress site. During the course we use Google Chrome web browser to preview and to analyse web pages (Developer tool). The classes are in a computer classroom with Windows based computers and pre-installed software. You may use your own computer, install the same tools (all free, see the bottom of the page) or may use different software/ operation systems.

General Course Outline

The course is divided to 7 themes

  1. Web publishing tools and the web environment
  2. Web pages and HTML (HyperText Markup Language) – structural layer
  3. Web pages and CSS style language (Cascading Style Sheets) – presentational layer
  4. How HTML and CSS works together: styling text, the box model and basic positioning
  5. Styles for different media environments, responsive web pages
  6. Digital images and web publishing
  7. Web publishing basics with WordPress