Master's Thesis Seminar (ITIS61-GAME)

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GAMS06 Continuing Thesis Seminar, Game Studies MDP  (former ITIS61)

(Pelitutkimuksen ja interaktiivisen median gradupiiri)

The continuing thesis seminar (“gradupiiri”) is 5 ECTS part of GAMS06 course (the starting thesis seminar gives the initial 5 credits) in Game Studies Master’s Degree Programme (and earlier Master’s Degree Programme in Internet and Game Studies, IGS). In order to achieve that 5 credits, one needs to participate actively for at least one academic term (preferably whole academic year) to the seminar meetings, and present at least once (preferably more) times one’s own pro gradu thesis. The presentation can take the form of distributing and presenting one chapter of the thesis, presenting updated research plan, survey instrument, or data analysis work-in-progress. One should discuss the details of the presentation in advance with the teacher/professor in charge (Jaakko Stenros – remember to also talk with your individual supervisor(s)). The discussion and meetings in continuing seminar are free-form, and all involve students (and the teacher/professor and other supervisors) asking questions and providing constructive comments about the thesis project. Everyone is expected to have read and familiarised themselves with the distributed texts beforehand. Note that a student is also expected to actively seek invididual supervision, utilize learning diaries, blogs or any other means that further the thesis process in her or his case. The supervision timetable is set in the supervision agreement. Jaakko Stenros provides the study credits (on request, please email when this is needed).

The thesis materials (e.g. one thesis chapter + Table of Contents to provide overall context) should be distributed to the seminar participants in MOODLE on Monday 12 o’clock of the same week, before the seminar meeting.

Moodle area’s name: Continuation Seminar – Gradupiiri (Game Studies MDP);

Self enrolment, the enrolment key: gradupiiri


Also, since there is not time to discuss entire manuscripts in the seminar meetings, there is optimal length requirement of 10-20 pages for the seminar materials.

Thesis Seminar Schedule, Spring 2020

Time: Thursdays at 13:00–15:00

Place: Raitaneukkari

First meeting: January 9th


Note that you need to also contact your supervisor(s) personally for arranging dates for individual thesis supervision meetings!


Thesis Seminar Schedule, Autumn 2019

Time: Thursdays at 16:00-17/18 (longer sessions end by 6 pm, shorter by 5 pm)

Place: Pinni B2077

Dates (subject to verification and change during the term):

5. September

12. September

26. September

10. October

24. October

7. November

21. November

5. December

Note that you need to also contact your supervisor(s) personally for arranging dates for individual thesis supervision meetings!