Literature (ITIS46)

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ITIS46 Literature 5–25 ECTS

Each section is a separate exam of 5ECTs, and is taken in the electronic exam system.

a) Play
b) Games and information
(c) Politics and power in digital cultures)


ITIS46 a) Play

Responsible teacher / Vastuuopettaja: Jaakko Stenros

– David Myers (2009): Play Redux. The Form of Computer Games.
– Thomas S. Henricks (2006): Play Reconsidered. Sociological Perspectives on Human Expression.
– Mary Flanagan (2009): Critical Play. Radical Game Design.

Available in the electronic exam service. / Opintojakso suoritetaan kirjatenttinä sähköisessä tenttipalvelussa.

ITIS46 b) Games and information

Responsible teacher / Vastuuopettaja: J. Tuomas Harviainen.

– Jørgensen, K. (2013). Gameworld Interfaces.
– Sicart, M. (2009). The Ethics of Computer Games.
– Consalvo, M. (2007). Cheating: Gaining Advantage in Videogames.

This book exam can be taken in the electronic exam service.

ITIS46 c) Politics and power in digital cultures

Vastuuopettaja // Responsible teacher: J. Tuomas Harviainen

Kirjat // Books:
– Castells, M. (2012), Networks of Outrage and Hope
– McChesney, R. (2014), Digital Disconnect
– Taylor, A. (2014), The People’s Platform: Taking Back Power and Culture in the Digital Age

Suoritetaan kirjatenttinä sähköisessä tenttipalvelussa. // The course is taken as a book exam via the Electronic Exam Service.