Postgraduate Seminar in Interactive Technology (DPIT2)

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Seminar Schedule (DPHAT HTI seminar, previously DPIT/POSTIT seminar)

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For the 2021-22 schedule and Zoom link, see:


Friday, September 10th, 2021 at 9.15-11 am

  • Introductions of everyone
  • Discussion of the seminar aims and format
  • One presentation with two opponents
    • Aparajita Chowdhury: User experience of collaborative robots in the factory context
      • Opponents: Ahmad Afridi and NN
    • Please send Kaisa ( an email ASAP if you are willing act as an opponent!


Spring 2021

Friday 15.1.2021 9:15 – 10:45, Zoom

  • Zhenxing Li – status update
    “Evaluation of haptic virtual reality user interfaces for medical marking on 3D models”
    Opponents: Patrick Coe and Biju Thankachan
  • Eetu Wallius – research plan
    “Gamifying for safety: Development and research of gamified technology in safety management “
    Opponents: Georgina Guillem Mandujano and Csaba Kertész

Friday 12.2.2021 9:15 – 10:45, Zoom

  • Antti Sand – lectio praecursoria rehearsal of the doctoral thesis
    “On Adding Haptic Feedback to Interaction with Unconventional Display Devices”

Friday 12.3.2021 9:15 – 10:45, Zoom

  • Saara Ala-Luopa – status update: “Trust in assisting AI in expert work”
    • Opponents: Hanna Heinonen and Aparajita Chowdhury
  • Annique Smith – research plan: “The effect of gamification on student engagement and self-regulation in a flipped classroom environment”
    • Opponents: Isak “Diffie” Bosman and Iikka Pietilä

Friday 9.4.2021 9:15 – 10:45, Zoom

  • Isak Bosman – research plan: “The role of audio in the diegesis of virtual reality games”
    • Opponents: Saara Ala-Luopa and Biju Thankachan
  • Maria Hartikainen – research plan: Human-Centered AI (TBD)
    • Opponents: Vera Remizova and Ahmad Afridi

Friday 14.5.2021 9:15 – 10:45, Zoom

  • Tero Avellan – status update: “Designing and Adopting of Accessible and Assistive Technology in the Society of the Future”
    • Opponents: Maria Hartikainen and Ahmad Afridi
  • Helena Mehtonen – research plan: “Integration of interactive technologies and machine learning methods in radiological diagnostics and computer-aided operation planning of head and neck area”
    • Opponents: Sami Koivunen and Mirkka Forssell

Friday 11.6.2021 9:15 – 11.00, Zoom

  • Zhenxing Li – lectio rehearsal: “Efficient and accurate hand-based kinesthetic interaction for virtual reality”
    • Opponents: Isak “Diffie” Bosman and TBD
  • Ahmad Afridi – research plan: “Serendipity and Interactive Recommender Systems”
    • Opponents: Jouko Makkonen and Annique Smith