DPHAT seminar for Human-Technology Interaction (DPHAT.100-HTI)

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What is this seminar and for whom?

This seminar is one of the implementations of the postgraduate seminar for the doctoral programme of Humans and Technologies (DPHAT.100). This implementation is primarily targeted at the students whose research field is Human-Technology Interaction. However, all DPHAT students and supervisors are very welcome to attend.

Here is the list of alternative implementations of the DPHAT.100 seminar: https://www.tuni.fi/studentsguide/curriculum/course-units/uta-ykoodi-45329?year=2022&activeTab=1

NOTE: If you are not an HTI student (but Games & Gamification, Information Studies or CONVERGENCE student) but still want to attend this HTI version of the seminar, send email to kaisa.vaananen at tuni.fi.

Currently this seminar implementation takes place in Teams. If you have not received Outlook invitations with the Teams link from Kaisa (kaisa.vaananen at tuni.fi), please contact her.

For the detailed programme of each seminar meeting, please see the page “Schedule and contents”.

Goals of the DPHAT postgraduate seminar

  • Learning about scientific thinking and broader context of your research field
  • To help develop your research and academic communication skills, based on the following types of activities:
    • Presentations:
      • Present your research plan to refine it
      • Present your research results and conference talks
      • Rehearse your Lectio Praecursoria
      • Other relevant presentations – please suggest!
    • Discussions of topics proposed by the students
  • Acting as an opponent and participating in the discussion

We may have visiting lecturers and lectures on research methods or other research-relevant issues.

The role of audience is important in the seminar: active participation is assumed, and the audience is expected to comment and discuss the presentations.